Crazy Extreme Adventures In Thailand

For adventure enthusiasts, there are so many activities available in Thailand varying from white water rafting to swimming with whale sharks. It is also considered a paradise for adventure enthusiastsas well as other people who love to do water activities.

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Following are some extreme and adventurous activities that you can easily enjoy on your Thailand vacation:

1. Scuba Diving with Shark Whales

There are various islands on which you can experience scuba diving with shark whales. Some of the popular ones include Richelieu Rock and Surin Islands. It is an experience of a lifetime to swim with these sea creatures. You cannot go scuba diving with shark whalesfrom mid-May to mid-October as this activity is closed for rehabilitation purposes. It is preferable to plan your trip between February and April if you want to include this experience.

2. Kiteboarding

Another popular adventure activity is kiteboarding. The good thing is, a lot of places in Thailand have strong winds which isthe ideal weather for kiteboarding. It is preferable to get a class before actually doing it especially if you are doing it for the first time. You can easily find professional coaches for kiteboarding especially in Phuket, Koh Samui, Pranburi and Pattaya.

3. Rock Climbing

This activity can easily be enjoyed by individuals who have never done it before. This is because there are rocks that are designed for beginners especially in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and other bigger cities. If you want to do advanced rock climbing, you should visit Ton Sai and Railey. 

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