How to Improve Your Cognitive Ability

Let's face it, everyone wants to be smart. However, not all are given such gift. Most of the time, you need to do your part to enhance your cognitive ability. And since intelligence is power, all wanted to have it. 

There are many ways to improve your intellectual ability. Though part of it can be inherited, a lot of environmental factors can influence your brain. One is your exposure. If you are reading a lot of books and grab every opportunity to expand your knowledge then you can be "all knowing". Besides, you can't give something that you don't have. So acquire as much knowledge as you can get and use this when at a time when it is needed most. 

Your diet is also important. There are foods that enhance brain function. Make sure that you have this in your meal. A regular exercise will also condition your mind to think well. So start your day with a good fitness training activity. it will not only stretch your muscles but conditions your brain as well.

There are also supplements that you can buy these days that promise better cognitive performance. You can order here or check from your nearest drug store.