Must-have Features for a Fabulous Travel Mobile App

It is no surprise that all industries in the world are reaping the benefit of mobile applications. One of the main industries doing so is the tourism and travel industry. According to researches there has been a significant rise in travel bookings made from travel applications. This is the very reason developers are constantly trying to upgrade their apps. Below are some feature that should be added to a travel app:

Courtesy: unifyone

1. Itinerary creator

A travel app in considered incomplete without an itinerary creator. Most apps that consist of this feature are an instant success. People who travel a lot want to use software that saves time and money. This feature enables frequent travellers to get the complete itinerary on their application and they are able to view it when there is no internet service like app Thai.

2. Emergency contact

In case of any emergency you can easily use this application. You can use this feature in unknown locations to get to a safe place as well.

3. Weather forecaster

When planning a trip it is essential to check the weather forecast so that you don’t end up going to a very hot, cold or rainy season without being prepared for what is to come. In extreme weather you are unable to explore the place or enjoy adventures.

4. Location tracking service

A travel application is not truly complete if it does not provide the location tracking services with the help of GPS. This features helps travellers feel comfortable in a new place, they can turn on GPS to find the exact location of the restaurant they want to eat their dinner or find a local pub or go to a shopping mall and tourist hotspots.

These are some features that can help travellers feel comfortable in an unknown country.