Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy As Treatment

Natural hormone replacement therapy was formulated in the late 1970s. Commercial manufacture of these hormones started in the 1980s.

Bio identical hormones are prepared in a lab from natural products like yams and soya. As a result, the hormones have the same molecular structure as the hormones found in the human body. These hormones are then made into oral pills, injectable medicines, patches or vanishing creams.

The patient is first subjected to tests that help evaluate the precise levels of hormones being produced by the body. After this, doctors recommend the precise levels of hormones to be administered to the patient. Regular health checkups measure the amount of hormones in the body and help maintain this vital balance. To know more about hormone replacement therapy, you can also visit

These replacement therapies have a number of advantages over synthetic hormones replacement therapy. Since they are tailored to suit the requirements of the individual, it is possible to take them orally, sublingually or trans dermally. A doctor can also make changes to the doses according to individual requirements.

Natural hormones help alleviate the symptoms that arise from hormonal imbalance. In particular, these are very helpful in women experiencing menopause because at this stage, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels decline. The treatment is also beneficial for men suffering from depleting levels of testosterone.

Some of the benefits of natural hormone replacement therapy are:

– Smoother, healthy looking skin 

– Freedom from discomforts like hot flashes and night sweats 

– Reduced risk of osteoporosis 

– More energy levels 

– Freedom from mood swings