Soil Surveys in Malaga WA

Soil surveys are the method by which the properties and types of soil in a particular area are recorded. They can contain a range of records. They can aspect vegetation and land use patterns as well as detailed study of soil types.

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What are they used for?

They aid a range of purposes and the data comprised in them is very helpful. Farmers and other agricultural workers depend on soil surveys to be able to define which types of soil types are best for their crops.

Engineers and architects use these surveys to decide whether a specific area has a appropriate soil type for the construction they desire to design.

On a smaller scale, home owners may use a survey to pick what plants to put in their gardens. Different soil types are more appropriate for different plants.

What does it include?

There are many modules to it. The first component is a short summary of the geography of the land that has been graphed.

Next are aerial photographs of the area, which also framework the diverse major soil types and these are each indexed.

The final sections are generally a variety of tables, some of which may comprise of detailed data about the soil such as the soil texture, particle size, plasticity, permeability etc.