Benefits of professional mentoring in business

What is the role of a mentor towards his mentee?

The role of a professional mentor is to boost the professional and personal development of the mentee. They do this by sharing their experience, knowledge and expertise. They build their relationship with the business men on the basis of mutual trust, communication and respect. During the program they exchange ideas, set goals for future development and discuss the growth and progress.


Professional mentoring in Melbourne has number of benefits associated with it. It is beneficial to both business and personal development. Here are a few benefits:

Benefits for the mentees

Undertaking a professional mentoring program is one of the most effective and valuable development opportunities one can receive. Having the motivation, guidance, support and encouragement of an experienced and trusted mentor will give your business and its employees a lead to improve their performance.

Some key benefits of mentoring programs include:

  • Exposure to different ways of thinking and unique ideas.
  • Assistance on overcoming your weakness and developing strengths.
  • Guidance on advancement and professional development.
  • An opportunity to develop advance knowledge and new skills.
  • It will develop a better cultural and professional environment within your business.
  • It enhances leadership skills
  • You can share the company behaviours.
  • It will enable you to improve you staff performance, morale and motivation.
  • Moreover, it will help you to engage, retain and grow performers.

You can also conduct mentoring program for the employees in your workplace. This will enhance their skills and in turn giving out better performance.

Tips for Mix and Match Theme for Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid dresses and the trends are getting just more exciting with time. There are increasing number of affordable designers, stores, boutiques etc both offline and online that have come up with improved accessibility making it affordable as well. There are myriad options and designs to choose from, matching everyone's budget. 

Another trend that is catching up of late is the mix and match theme. It’s a very exciting project for the bridesmaids to take up especially if they are fashion enthusiasts. There are millions places and designers to pick up dresses from and it can be an overwhelming task but below are a few pointers that might help. Also if you have a wedding coming up, you need to look up for Bridesmaid Dresses in Melbourne for a gorgeous collection.

Courtesy: fashionably-yours

Here are some tips:

  1. Color Palettes: One foolproof method is to chose different hues in one shade and ensure it’s well coordinated. Go over with everyone and your designer so that one of them does not stand out as a complete loner.
  2. Design:  It’s most often noticed that one shade enhances a particular design better than the other, so explore your options depending on your body type and preference. At the end of the day it is important to be comfortable in it to bring out the best.
  3.  Fabric:  This is another crucial aspect of designing your dress, chiffon might sit well on design but lace might work best for another. So go over this carefully and may be try a few of them to see you know what to expect of the end result.

Unleash the fashionista in you, for there can’t be a better opportunity to doll up.

Tips For Accessorizing Bridesmaid Dresses

One can easily use accessories to make ordinary dresses extraordinary. The right kind of accessories efficiently can easily give you a very different look by just changing the accessories. For example if you are in a gothic look wearing all black, a single spikey necklace and metallic heels can look super chic just by switching the necklace with a string of pearls and a pair of elegant shoes. This will have you ready for a business meeting.


Some tips for accessorizing Melbourne bridesmaid dresses are:

1. Never clutter accessories

Frequently people make the mistake of pilling all the accessories they own with one dress. Less is more is the rule one should adopt when wearing accessories. If you are wearing a scarf, sunglasses, a hat and watch, none of them will stand out. Minimize and prioritize. 

 2. Pair your bold accessories carefully with dress

Bold accessories do not go along with every dress easily. Bold accessories complement neutral clothing. If you have a lot of off-whites, golds, blacks, beige, olive or navy, try playing with fun and bold colours for a contrast. The great thing about neutral colours is that they look good with almost every bright colour.

3. Avoid matching too much

It may seem like a good idea to match everything from dress to accessories but matching to this extent may seem too old-school or childish. Nowadays it is considered to be trendy to mix colours instead of matching everything.

These are some of the tips to use accessories effectively in order to get an elegant look for wedding events.