Tips for Getting a Russian Visa

Overall, it is not quite as tough as it was to find a Russian visa. It appears that using your nearest Russian visa support Centre is the simplest and preferred route. It took us about 10 days to receive our Russian tourist visa processed. However, you can pay somewhat more to receive it earlier.

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Just make sure you read the fine print and if you follow the below mentioned steps, you're going to be OK.

  • Apply for Russian Visa as soon as you can. We implemented 30 days ahead of time, but after you know your schedule and dates, apply as soon as possible. To know more about russian permit support online, visit
  • Your passport should be valid for six months after your intended departure date from Russia and also have at least two blank pages for your visa.
  • It seems the visa questions vary based on nationality. The visa queries for Americans are distinct to the queries for the British. Ensure to answer each question with the asterisk. Otherwise, they'll call you back.
  • You will find far more Russian visa centers than previously, therefore it is a simpler procedure than it was.
  • Locate your nearest Russian visa Centre or consulate. Recall if we, you reside outside the country in which you hold citizenship, so assess the regional Russian consulate takes your visa program.
  • Many Russian consulates do have to see evidence of health insurance.
  • On arrival in Russia, you'll be issued a Migration Card — do not lose this! And lastly, it is a fantastic idea to make duplicates of your passport and visa.