The five myths of vacuum cleaners

1 Performance myth

The measurement of Electrical current is in amps. It doesn't have to do with how good your vacuum cleaner works. Would you decide a car's performance by its gas consumption?

2 All Vacuum Bags Are Identical. You can learn about Best canister vacuum cleaner from many online source.

If you pick the cheaper, single-ply bags, you're going to get what you paid for: Bags with large pores that allow particles of dust to outflow into the air. Use a denser multi-ply micro filter and you'll collect more of those particles and increase your vacuum's productivity.

3 All Vacuum Belts Are Identical

An inexpensive vacuum belt is bad. It will stretch, slide, and self-destruct a lot faster than a good quality one. High-quality vacuum cleaner belts are geared like a car's timing belt; they won't slide and they'll last longer.

4 All Vacuum Cleaners Have Same Design Features and Are Equally Easy to Use

This is not true. Consider design and weight. And, truly, what vacuum could perhaps be easier to use than a robotic one?

5 Suction Alone Makes a Vacuum Work Well

A vacuum cleaner is a device, and it's the system that defines whether or not your vacuum cleaner performs good or not. There things you should look for when you are buying a vacuuming system:

Airflow: This is the quantity of air moving through the vacuum and affects the amount of soil that can be collected and contained in the vacuum cleaner's filtration.

Lift: Lift is the vacuum's capability to kick dirt. Consider those with high numbers in both airflow and lift for the best performing vacuum cleaner.