The Windows 10 Product Key and Activation

While installing Windows, it is going to ask you to enter the Windows 10 product key. You will prompt to insert the serial key in the middle of installation. It's possible to install it without the serial key as you can skip the step.

Product Key refers to the standard approach to upgrading or licensing any edition of Windows 10. You're able to get windows 10 full version at no cost if you upgraded from a prior version of Windows that have genuine license. It is also possible to try out reinstalling your initial version of Windows. You might get the new version of Windows for free but to use all the functionalities you required to activate the Windows 10.

Windows10 product key and activation

What happen if you lost the Windows product key?

If you would like to get back or recover a lost product key, you may use exclusive software which does that, for instance, ProduKey, ShowKeyPlus or The Microsoft PID Checker. It's possible to recover your activation key and use it to activate Windows again to ensure that your software is genuine. Until the end, you might discover a wonderful software to fit your needs, like I have. In case you are unable to recover the key, then you may need to buy the license key again.

In the event you would like to change the computer hardware, all you have to do is call up Microsoft support and inquire about how to acquire your copy activated. Now if down the road you opt to change the hardware, you'll need to call Microsoft free toll support, inform them regarding the changes and how to activate Windows again.

To Activate Windows 10

In order to activate Win 10 there are several methods that you can use but you will found that the most commonly used activation method is through product key. That’s mean you need to buy the valid license from Microsoft in order to get the serial number.

Depending on the version of Windows 10 you are getting, normally the license for basic Win10 home edition will cost you about $120. The activation normally done through phone, mean call to the Microsoft support line and activate the OS.

Other than that there is a new method of activating Win10 called digital entitlement or digital license. If you want to upgrade from the old Win 7/8.1 to latest Windows 10, or buy your copy of software from Microsoft Store then digital license is the way.

So, now you understand how to activate Windows 10 with or without a valid product key and if you become benefited via this article, don't hesitate to share it with your friends that are in trouble on Windows activation.