What You Should Know about Essure Side Effects

After years and years of dreadful side impact reports, Congressional outrage and lawful actions, the US Food & Drug Administration have made a decision to inquire into the long-term unwanted effects of Essure in detail.

On February 29, 2016, police in the FDA ordered Bayer to run a 7-year research on Essure complications, in hopes that extended evaluation will shed new light on the birth control implant's possible troubles.

Essure Procedure: Side Effects & Long-Term Hazards

We know a great deal about the short- and – medium-term side effects connected to Essure, a permanent contraceptive device. Chronic pelvic pain, stomach bloating, migraine-type aches and painful fatigue seem to be frequent. These apparent risks are reported by many women, starting shortly after the device's first approval in 2002. Click here http://www.essurebirthcontrollawsuitcenter.com/ to know more about essure complications and other details.

What You Should Know about Essure Side Effects

Now, the Food & Drug Administration has received over 18,000 reports, filed both by individuals and healthcare suppliers, that connect Essure to acute complications. Alongside these commonly-reported negative effects, customer advocacy group Essure Issues has compiled a comprehensive list of those complications credited to Essure.

In May 2016, our experienced product liability lawyers conducted an exhaustive investigation of almost 10,000 Essure-related medical device reports submitted to the Food & Drug Administration. The national records, extending back to November 2002, was made public from the FDA, in a rare movement after a widespread public outcry over Essure's reported negative effects.

Infection (almost every report cites "pain" at least once. During 9,884 total reports, "pain" is called 24,015 occasions, or 2.4 times weekly)

  • Bloating (usually in the gut or stomach)
  • Headaches (frequently referred as signals "a migraine" headaches)
  • Infection (often described as "intense" and "chronic")
  • Hives and migraines
  • Irregular weight gain