Where Can I Buy 1000 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets?

Recently when I was about to buy new bed sheets for my huge big king size bed, I knew I wanted to buy the best bed clothes that were available. I had previously bought only 400 thread count and they were absolutely fine. But when you redecorate a room and spend a lot of money like I did, you want to put in the best purchases so that they will last for a long time to come.

I had never purchased Egyptian cotton bedding before, but a friend of mine had. She said this was a couple of years prior and that she was still in love with those sheets! She did warn me that if I wanted thread count as high as 1000, they would cost me a pretty penny.

She also told me that I had to be very careful and make sure that I was getting the very best Egyptian cotton available because as with most things, you can think you are buying one thing and actually end up getting another.

She also suggested that I visit a site called Luxury of the Pharaohs. This is where she found the information she was looking for when she purchased the sheets that she still loves so much. Since I wasn't planning to redecorate and buy new bed clothes again for a long time, I took her advice and learned even more about Egyptian cotton bedding than I could have ever guessed.