Medical Transcription Service Providers are Professionals

Medical transcription service providers are a very vital part of a team of healthcare professionals, who contribute to the medico legal aspect of quality record keeping. One may wonder, why become a medical transcription service provider? Other than earning a paycheck, which one can do by sweeping a floor, there are many reasons to become a medical transcriptionist.

In my essay, I will mention at least three reasons to pursue medical transcription.

Medicine is an ever-learning science, and, I like the fact that being a medical transcription service provider means that I will always be learning. Medical transcriptionists are structured individuals, who are well-disciplined and can sit for hours taking journeys through the simplicities, as well as the complexities of patients’ lives. Each transcript has a story – the beginning, middle and an end. A medical transcript begins and ends with the patient and caregivers. The five lead wire – who, what, why, how and when of a medical transcript is named a history followed by a physical exam.

Clients have presented themselves to a health care professional and now are referred to as a patient. The history usually details all of the five wire leads in a dictation that become a medico-legal record that the transcriptionist produces. A series of tests or a consultation may be needed to determine the best course of treatment for the patient; and, finally the treatment plan is put into action, whether it’s a splint, an operation and/or procedure or palliation. After treatment, the caregiver (s) and patient wait to see the outcome of the plan of care, either with discharge home or in-hospital care. Finally discharge takes place. The series of events that the transcriptionist documents does not take place in all professions; but, the transcriptionist can always attest to the fact that imperfections in our body functions and/or dysfunctions are maladies that connect each and everyone of us. The circumstances surrounding these imperfections are usually dictated by and treated by physicians.

Being a medical transcription service provider means that one is part of a group of elite individuals, who are versatile and steadfast. They come from varied backgrounds and beginnings. Some have evolved from the era of the tank system method of dictation and typewriter transcription to using wav files and other state of the art equipment. My short range goal is to become a certified medical transcriptionist; and, my long range plan is to obtain vocational teaching license in medical transcription. I believe that, there are young parents, high school graduates, who will be forced to work earlier than they’d expected due to being premature parents. These individuals usually lack the socio-economic support and the familial support factors to attend a four year institution for a while. Some are perfect candidates to learn to transcribe. Less distractions and better quality of work, in addition to productivity goals are major incentives for some home-based medical transcription service providers.

Working at home as a medical transcriptionist carries with it savings on car insurance costs and less wear-and-tear on the vehicle. Car insurance providers generally give incentives to individuals with low vehicle miles; and, vehicles with low mileage have higher trade- in value. Less vehicle maintenance and lower car mileage are incentives for lower car insurance premiums and cleaner air.